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Basic Search Features

  • Search by Medical Condition and Drug Name
  • Language Interfaces (En, Es, Fr, De, Jp)
  • Glossary and Easy Explanation of Medical Expressions
  • Geographical Search


You are a patient?
Gain a better understanding of clinical trials through personalized information.

You are a physician?
and guide your patients with updated data on clinical trials.


Save Time

Save time and resources with free myPortal email alerts, specifically defined to meet your needs.

  • Save your search
  • Repeat your search
  • Receive an email when a new matching trial is posted

Weekly update and browser settings

Data sets from sources are updated every Friday.

The following web browsers are recommended to enjoy the full functionalities of the portal:
- Mozilla Firefox (version 20.0.1),
- Google Chrome (version 26.0.1410.64 m)
- Opera (version 12.15).
Internet Explorer users (versions 8 and 9) are invited to follow the configuration guidance described below.

In the navigation field, click on the «compatibility view» option (see icon) to activate an optimal display of the portal data.

Helping you understand the Drug Development Process

Understand the drug development process through an easy-to-use interactive module by innovation.org.